Hardeep SirWe are persistently trying to kindle young minds with lofty ideas, accountability, virtuousness, up-righteousness, curiosity and moral, social as well as ethical codes. With applications of knowledge and inculcation of values, the students are empowered with the skill of converting challenges into opportunities.

The members of the staff are highly dedicated having indomitable commitment towards achievement of mission and goals. They are honored with blessings of Hazoor Pita Ji in order to maintain high morale and sense of social service while performing their duties based on the parameters of excellence.The school has created social awareness and sense of accountability towards the society among the students. As man is integral part of society, there is necessity of instilling young minds with sense of indebtedness and social conscience. We are actively organizing extension activities with spontaneous participation from students. We endeavor to create a climate in which students will develop positive self-esteem, a sense of responsibility, concern for their community and environment and accept others with tolerance and compassion. We want our students to have a strong sense of justice, fair play and the ability to differentiate between right and wrong.