School is running with a set of rules to be scrupulously followed by the students:

1. Good behavior and respectful attitude towards the staff, seniors and the people in general must be observed.

2. Student must maintain discipline in and outside the school.

3. Student should not meet the outsiders without the prior knowledge and the permission of the principal.

4. Writing anything on the school walls, toilets. Furniture, notice board etc. will face strict action.

5. Students will maintain proper discipline in the school and outside.

6. The behavior of the student should be courteous and sympathetic towards their fellow students and other concerned out side the school.

7. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises/their class during school hours without written permission of the Principal. Permission is given only in very genuine cases.

8. Student shall weal the prescribed uniform in the school. It should be neat and clean.

9. Students are forbidden to smoke, to bring unnecessary money or other valuables, to use chewing gums, to wear jewellery, watch and to do any other improper act in the school.

10. Students will take due care of the school property and different types of equipment’s being used for their studies. Any infringements of these rules by the students will render them liable punishment depending upon the nature of violation done.

11. English is the medium of instruction in the school. It is compulsory for all students and teachers to use English language for academic work as well as for conversation in the school premises.

12. Children coming late to school without any notes from their parents will be questioned.

13. Application for leave should be signed by the guardian/parents and must be got sanctioned by the principal before availing the leave. Absentees are fined.

14. Parents are required to co-operate with the school in its attempts to help their children’s progress by work. They should the bags of the wards regularly to see whether any notice has been issued.

15. Attention of the parents is drawn to the fact that criticism of a teacher of the school in the presence of a child causes the child to lose his or her respect for the teacher and will retard the progress.

16. On the parents must be present in the school at the time of admission.

17. Marriage leave is allowed for 2 days only in case of real brother /sister. For no other case marriage leave is allowed.

Authorities of Principal

1. The powers vested in the office of the Principal are uncharted and discretionary but these are to be used in most judicious manners for the betterment of the students and institution.

2. The Principal can make amendments in the previously set norms, if necessary, for the improvement in the management of the school.

3. The right is reserved in the office of the Principal to refuse admission to any candidate without explaining the reasons.

Cell Phone by Students not Permitted

Parents may please not that No student is permitted to possess or bring the cell phone in the school campus. This has been banned. In case of defaulter, the cell phone shall be confiscated.

Use of bike by students

No students is allowed to come in school on bike scooter, car or scooty etc. it is illegal to drive motor vehicles without driving licence.