Shah Satnam Ji Boys’ School, Sirsa, has been a phenomenal performer for years. At Shah Satnam Ji Boys’ School, we believe education is not a training for life but a passport to a better future. Education motivates students to act responsibly, develop self-discipline, cultivate self-respect, contribute to the community, promote love for learning, and strive for excellence. We are committed to the partnership of family, society & school and we are working and supporting each other in a co-operative manner. We believe we have a shared vision to integrate our faith and culture. We believe that life is an outcome of our words, deeds, speeches and conducts. In this way, we can love God because we love each other. An institution’s reputation is based on individuals’ character and performance associated with it as teachers, students, or in any other role. There can be distractions and setbacks in the making of an institution. There can be challenges that may appear formidable but those who have the will, determination, and perseverance shall overcome the difficulties and attain higher achievement in the pursuit of excellence.
Shah Satnam Ji Boys’ School has assimilated this lesson into its culture. We have a stimulating environment that keeps our students always striving for excellence. However, this all could not be possible without the support of all of you. We believe in listening to all. Thus, we wholeheartedly welcome all of your suggestions and feedback. So, kindly feel free to share, if you have any. We also appreciate each of you for supporting us since the beginning and looking forward to achieving great success together in the future. Also, we are thankful to His Highness Hazoor Pita Ji for his guidance. Words fall short of describing the enormous gratitude we all have for His Highness Hazoor Pita Ji’s bountiful blessings to enable us to take the school to the new heights of success. At last, I would say, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress, and working together is a success.”

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Dhawan