Summer Tour

Student life is full of joy & entertainment,
Happiness of summer trip is beyond measurement!!!!
To loot this treasure of happiness, We organised a trip to MG HERITAGE CLUB, HISAR where students enjoyed beyond their capacity and aid this memorable moment among the happiest & unforgettable moments of their life!

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#Colouring Competition#

Colouring competition was conducted for tiny-todes. Students participated enthusiastically and exhibited their talent.

School Administrator Dr. Hardeep Singh Insan and School Principal Mr. Rakesh Dhawan Insan appreciated the students for their wonderful job.

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“Crazy Youth Modelling and Singing Competition”

Shah Satnam Ji Boys’ School, Sirsa is committed for the overall development of its students. Keeping this commitment on the prior base, A modelling, and singing competition was held in the hostel. Students exhibited their potential by giving marvellous performances. The wonderstruck singing and the swagger of the young students cast a spell on the…


“Farewell Party for Class XII”

#Farewell Party for Class XII# A Farewell party was conducted for the students of XII by the students of XI. The students welcomed their seniors and gave them interesting titles. The teachers were also given interesting titles and gifts. School Principal Mr. Rakesh Dhawan Insan and School Administrator Dr. Hardeep Singh Insan graced the occasion…


Weekend Night in the Hostel!!

Weekend Night in the Hostel!!

On Saturday, Hostel Night was celebrated with great pomp n show. Modelling contest was conducted for the students and students participated with great zeal.

Students gave other performances also like: Skits, Dance, Jokes and so on.

Enjoyed a lot!!

#Dr.Hardeep Singh #Mr.Rakesh Dhawan Insan #Mr. Darbara Singh #Dr. Tarsem Insan

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Sports Meet Organised by Shah Satnam Ji Boys’ School

Sports and co-curriculum activities are as essential as study for the over-all development of students. Keeping this commitment on prior basis, Shah Satnam Ji Boys’ School organised a ‘Sports Meet’. Various games were conducted. Students were thrilled and excited and they exhibited their potential enthusiastically. It was a neck to neck competition but at the…


Annual Prize Distribution 20 August 15

Annual prize distribution was held on 20th August 2015 in Shah Satnam Ji Boys’ School, Sirsa. All meritorious students were awarded with trophies, scholarship and merit certificates. Principal, Rakesh Dhawan Insan, congratulated the meritorious students for their achievement.