The school follows integrated curriculum prescribed by CBSE, New Delhi. It has wide variety of activities in it to please the intuitive mind of kids. The school curriculum not only concentrates the academic but also the qualitative development of the students. Emphasis is laid upon skillful learning. In between time is managed for community service too to instil kind feelings for mankind. Beyond academic curriculum, students get to have opportunities for professional computer skills through trained instructors, professional singing, dancing skills by well-known professionals. And they may opt to make career in artistic field by acquiring specialization in arts, drawing, painting, etc.

Our curriculum manifests the importance of integration and the development of the child in all dimensions viz. spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical. Thus school curriculum stays abreast to fulfil the basic and desirables goals of life alike.

Our school adopts a curriculum to impart 21st century skills. To suit the forth coming world we live in and to be in pare with the changing world we have adopted to the 21st century skills :

Creative Skills: To have original ideas and innovative thoughts to bring about change. To present and express something new in the form of art or written form. Linguistic Skills: To speak clearly with good level of vocabulary, expressing ideas and  engages in conversation, discussions and debates well.
Logistic  Skills:
To organize information, chart, graph, map, mentally solve problems easily, understand abstract ideas and understand cause and effect, actions and consequences. Fasinated with numbers and statistics.
Analytical Skills:
To acquire knowledge , ideas apart; separating into components parts; seeing relationships, and finding unique characteristics.
Application Skills:
To make use of acquired knowledge in practical use and in new ways.
Critical Thinking Skills: To have the ability to predict on the possibilities  and to think on a situation with presence of mind, looking at it from various points and finding options to the given situation. Cognitive Skills: To have the clear understanding Problem Solving Skills:  To have the mind set of looking at a problem from different perspective and solve the problem with the most suitable solution.


Our curriculum incorporates best practices adopted in empowering the young mind to build and shape the Next generation. In our curriculum we have a special space for all students; we believe that each child is different and unique. The uniqueness is their personality. Each child has their own potential. To cater the different levels of children we have adopted differentiated learning in our curriculum.
“Each child is different and each of them take their time to open their gifts”
Acknowledging the uniqueness of each student, differentiated learning is catered in the curriculum.