Assessment Schedule for L.K.G. to VIII

Exam                         :           Date

Periodic Test-I          :           4th July to 9th July, 2022

Term-I                       :           12th September to 24th   September, 2022

Periodic Test-II         :           12th December to 17th  December, 2022

Revision Test             :           Jan. –  Feb.(Min. 4 to 5 tests of each subject)

Term-II                       :           2nd  March to 18th  March,  2023


Assessment Schedule for IX & X

Exam                          :           Date

Periodic Test-I            :           4th July to 9th July, 2022

Periodic Test-II           :           12th September to 24th   September, 2022

Periodic Test-III         :           12th December to 17th   December, 2022

Pre-Board                    :           6th Feb. to 18th Feb, 2023

Annual Exam             :           2nd  March to 18th March, 2023 (For IX)

                                                     & As per C.B.S.E. Date Sheet (For X)


Note: Although great care has been taken while planning assessment schedule and other programs, they are subject to change in case of unavoidable problems and for betterment of school systems.