What is Unique about the School

The school is unique in many respects. First and foremost thing is its discipline and its aesthetic blend of morality with high quality modern education. It is situated in totally peaceful and lush green environment with all the city like facilities available. No student is allowed to abuse drugs or break any disciplinary norm.

When is the entrance test conducted?

Process of entrance tests starts in the month of February – mainly in mid-feb, and continues till 31st March. It is conducted every sunday in these months. Entrance tests for classes lkg to 6th is conducted everyday in this period. For admission to classes XI, however, further the last date to admission can be extended depending upon the availability of seats.

How to inform about the change of Mobile No for SMS Service?

Change in Mobile No. performa is available at receptions desk. You can take performa and fill out the necessary details and get your mobile no. changed.

What is the time of summer and winter vacations in the year?

Summer vacations most starts from 1st June and ends on 1st July. As regards winter vacations, these vacations are scheduled near the festival of Diwali.

What is special about discipline, moral education and manners?

Discipline in school is given foremost priority. Abuse of Drugs is totally prohibitied and is liable to punishment or termination. Ragging is totally banned. In place of ragging there is healthy trend of freshers’ welcome in our school, which is socially motivating and acceptable.

What kind of social atmosphere is prevailing in the school?

Quite healthy atmosphere conducive to the grooming of quality education and moral values is prevailing in the campus. Our school discipline, manners, quality of education is quite famous in the nearby areas.

On which day P.T.M. is conducted every month?

P.T.M. is conducted on the last Sunday of every month. Timing in summer is 8:00 am to 2:00 pm and in Winter is 9:30 am to 2:30 pm

How can a hosteler student become a day scholar?

Although there is no permission to leave hostel during the session if once joined. However, in certain casuality cases, it is possible to leave hostel and continue study in school as day scholar. But for this purpose, desired permission from the principal is required and the candidate is required to all the dues and full year hostel charges in order to patch up the loss of hostel seat.

What does the school do for students who are weak in studies?

There are extra classes (prep classes) facility available to bring the weaker students on track. In these classes special care is taken for the weak students.

How to get medical leave?

Medical leave is allowed by the principal. It must be written by the students and get it sanctioned from the parents. At the time to submit the medical leave, the registered medical doctors prescription and medical documents should be available.

How to take admission on the basis of sports?

Sports trial is conducted every year. Advertisement of sports trial is given in national newspapers. It is compulsory for sportsperson to qualify the sports trial. After trial, coaches recomended the names of players for admission in school. Final selection of students seeking admission on the basis of sports is done by the selection committee.

Except the P.T.M., can parets meet their wards in the hostel?

However, it is not allowed to meet your ward in regular days, but in case of any emergency or casuality, you can meet with your ward any time with the desired permission from the principal.

What is process to take marriage leave?

Marriage leave is allowed in case of real brother/sister’s marriage ceremony. No marriage leave is allowed in case of the marriage of cousin/neice etc. In order to take marriage leave, you are required to produce the marriage card in the office.