Safety to the life is a matter of foremost concern. Fire extinguishers, fire-fighting squad, constructional safety measures etc. are the things which are desirable for safety point of view. And the full campus of Shah Satnam Ji Boys’ School is equipped with fire extinguishers and CCTV cameras surveillance. Research and Development Foundation has its own Fire-Fighting Squad which is located at 10 minutes’ drive distance. All constructional safety measures have been observed to escape untoward natural calamities. These all successive efforts to ensure solid safety measures are a distinguished feature of the school. Day-scholars safety is ensured by well-equipped fire extinguishers in vans and their timely service by expert mechanics. Hostel is well equipped with modern and stable infrastructure. 24 hrs medical facility and hospital emergency ward at 10 minutes’ drive provides the hostelers homelike immediate care. Moreover, the hostel campus and even playing grounds are under continuous CCTV cameras surveillance. Security guards in full campus remain on duty overnight also