Sports hold a prominent place for upbringing the innate goodness of human beings. This is very important for the overall development of a student. Shah Satnam Ji Boys’ School lays great emphasis on sports and is well known for its contribution to the field of sports. A major sports event i.e. an approximate 3-months long ‘The Off Season Sports Camp’ is organized annually to stir up students’ interest in sports and boast them up with skills of different games. Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan Himself inaugurates the Sports Camp, asks the problems of the players and gives them special tips for improvement. After the camp, players feel greatly confident to face any competition and challenge.

Current Games being pursued by students:

1. Taekwondo
2. Judo
3. Hockey
4. Cricket
5. Swimming
6. Yoga
7. Gun Shooting
8. Badminton
9. Handball
10. Football
11. Volleyball



* G=Gold *B=Bronze 2009-10  =3rd Asian Youth & 11th Jr Judo Championship at Beerut (Lebnon)-S=1,B=1P=1
* S=Silver *P=Participate  =World School Game Swimming at Doha Katar – Part.
 = Swimming Asian Games At Singapur -Part.
2008-09  =Sr. South Asian Judo Championship at Nepal  = Gold  =Age Group Asian swimming Championship at Tokiyo (Japan)= 3rd
 =2nd Asian Youth Judo Championship at Yemen = Gold
2010-11  =Asian Youth And Junoir Judo Champ at Bangkok (Thailand)  P=1
2011-12  =Sub Jr Partle Cup  held at Sweden  = Part. (Best 8)
 =2nd Asian Youth Judo Championship at Yemen = Gold 2014-15  = 4th Asian School Volley Ball U-18 Boys  = Part.